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The Argument

  •  “The Game Changers” uses rhetoric and narrative to persuade the average meat eater that a plant based diet is not only beneficial for top tier athletes but necessary for a long healthy life. With the use of several narrative paradigms, a specific course of cause and effect outcomes illustrates why a plant based diet is far superior than a carnivorous diet. James Wilks guides us through pro athletes, world record holders, Olympic athletes, and firefighter’s successful and life changing journeys with a plant based diet. This form of realism, along with scientific experiments, encourages viewers to relate their lives to the world beyond them.

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Advocates of a plant based diet!

These are just some of the examples from the documentary. One can easily establish how well this film was put together by the sheer...


This course has analyzed why we, viewers, believe what we are being told or rather yet what we are watching. What makes us value the main...

What made me interested in this topic?

My mother was diagnosed with lupus, an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. To decrease some of...


Athletes are forced to entertain the most optimal level of nutrition in relation to their physical performance in order to match up to...

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